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Branch Organisers Annual Report 2010

Only several years ago the Union, Nationally, was elated with the membership figures which were approaching 300,000. Headquarters recruited staff to ensure that it was in a position to support the increase. To-date the membership figures have dropped to around 217,000 and with the new agreement on Pay & Modernisation it is forecast that we will lose a further 40 to 50 thousand jobs (members) bringing our membership to about 170,000.

Over the last 10 years this Branch has witnessed over 1,200 job losses and with the closure of Copperas Hill to the new Warrington Mail Centre and the indecision as to which Branch shall represent the membership there we could once again lose another 600 members.

It has been highlighted that over the whole of the country there are some 30,000 none union members employed in the various industries. Some 23,000 in Royal Mail and 7,000 in BT.

This Branch has set in place regular checks against staff in post lists to identify none union members with a view to recruiting them. Although this Branch has a good recruitment record there was a hand full of individuals recruited. We also set in place regular workplace checks in order to keep up with recruitment, transferees in and out, individuals being sacked and members leaving through EVR, Medical Retirement or just coming to the end of their service. We have sent out to the latter group of members countless letters inviting them to stay in the Union as retired members.

In the Delivery side of Royal Mail they currently have 54 vacancies and they and are not recruiting against them.

It appears that the reason why they are holding the vacancies open is to minimise the number of EVR's the business has to pay out when their part of the Pay & Modernisation plan comes into play this year.

Headquarters have woken up to the situation and is now taking steps to reduce their financial outlay over the next few years

It's going to be an interesting time for us all.

Ray Lucas

Branch Organiser

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