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2010 has been eventful; we have seen the closure of the Liverpool mail centre with most LAs transferring up to Warrington.  

We also now have LAs using various delivery offices as work bases, with one LA in Wallasey, two in West Derby, one in Sandhills, and one at Garston.

We now have a new right wing government, which is introducing drastic cuts to public services whilst at the same time holding down wages as the prices of food, fuel and other life's necessities rocket.

We also now have a bill going through parliament to privatise Royal Mail.


The government says the cuts are necessary because of the terrible state that the last government left the economy in.  In reality, this mess, created by greedy bankers and big business, is being seen as an opportunity to attack the lower classes whilst the bankers and big business executives are left to live their lives in the lap of luxury on millionaire wages - on the back of our money (taxes) that the government has handed over to them.

Whilst the government are making these ‘necessary' attacks on us they have ring fenced Trident and arms spending – this is what our taxes and national insurance contributions are really paying for - as well as propping up the banks.  

The obscene misuse of our taxes and national insurance contributions is further illustrated by the 

Phoney wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

The phoney war in Iraq to get at the massive oil fields has made Tony Blair into a hugely wealthy man.  The phoney war in Afghanistan exists to get at the immense wealth in rare and strategic minerals lying beneath the soil there, many of which would be used by the arms industry to make money for the arms industry and controlling western powers.

The gas and oil reserves of Central Asia and the Caspian basin are enormous and it has been the long held aim of the west to use Afghanistan in the transportation of these.

At the same time that our men are dying so that western powers can get at all this stuff, the government claim that they cannot continue to fund Royal Mail and our pension, but they can spend billions on arms and military paraphernalia to make a few people at the top extremely wealthy.

There are moves to introduce more anti-union laws and the police are being given more powers to stop, search, detain, and patrol public areas with weapons and live ammunition.  Why?  To stop us fighting back when the harsh reality of the cuts begin to hit home. 

Do you really want to live in this kind of state?  I do not.

The only way to stop the attempt to privatise Royal Mail is to join with everyone who is resisting this ‘Con-Dem' government for all the right reasons - fighting against the student cuts; fighting against the cuts to council services; fighting against the cuts to health services; fighting against the cuts to benefits;
fighting the cuts to our pensions.

The TUC has called for a national demonstration on Saturday, 26 March in London. The CWU should put on coaches if enough members are going – so make sure that you ask your union rep about it.  

Marisa Clarke

CWU Area Administration Representative NW/NW (south)



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