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Delivery Rep's Meeting's 2011

30th March

25th May

27th July

27th September

30th November

December TBC

All Meetings will commence at 10:00am
Venue Liverpool North MPU


CWU Delivery Representatives Support Documents
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CWU Delivery Reps Support Document

Menu of Duty Options

Georoute Revision Guidance Document (Part 1)

New MTSF Agreement 2010

Introducing D2D into Workload Planning Guidelines

Delivery Section Annual Report 2010



The delivery section this year has seen the introduction of walk sequencing mail, with 4 CSS machines in the North MPU and the same for the South, the impact of these machines has not in my view been has big as Royal Mail thought it would be, but all the same Royal mail are using the business transformation agreement to stream out as much efficiency savings as possible.

This is where you come in, under the new agreement there is a 6 phase approach, this gives you (the CWU) full involvement within these phases, this will be done with a scientific approach (not like the old days, we want 4 walks OK you can have two) we need to make sure every letter box, every building, every path, every obstacle and every item to be delivered, has been entered into the A-Plus which then determines the outcomes, at this point there needs to be a decision made on what span you require for your office, this will then lead to a number of duties required for your office, and these decisions will be hard but have to be made under the National agreement, we will make sure that you(our members) will end up with a fair and manageable work load with the right equipment to do the job, NOTHING will be implemented until we have agreement and tools for the job.

We have visited all offices and the message I need to get to you is that change IS coming and we need the change to be made by US for US and the savings Royal Mail will make will be by default rather than a target as it has been in the past.

Under the revisions there will be an introduction of CDV's (car derived van's) these will be mostly shared van's with a loop system for delivery (working around the van) and HCT's (high capacity trolley's) for walks closest to the office, if any more information is needed then you can contact me on the usual numbers.


We yet again are under attack from the coalition government, if you think things are getting bad now it will be ten times worse under privatisation, just look at Telecoms and utilities.


The activists of the branch will work for you on the campaign but from time to time we will ask you to send a letter or a post card to your MP to put pressure on them to support the “Keep the post public” campaign,

With your help we have successfully stopped privatisation 4 times through a number of Governments.


Romec and Quadrant


Unfortunately we have lost a number of members due to Redundancy within our Romec and Quadrant members, this has come about because of the Mail centre closures best of luck to them, the good news is that we have secured work at full time hours between the remaining members and they are now situated in their new rolls.


Normal running of the section continues BUT I must remind members if any member has been asked to attend for an interview, any interview

You are entitled to have representation; if representation is not available you can have the right to refuse the interview until representation arrives,

We have had a number of instances where members have gone into interviews not understanding the importance of the interview.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank you at this period of time for at least listening to what we have to say as it is important to make an informed decision on your future and I also thank you for your support through out the years.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Duncan Savage (assistant area rep) and Ian Corrin (delivery section chair) for their continued support.

We would like to thank each unit rep and sub rep as their job is a thankless task with members shouting down one ear and management the other, you are the cement in this union, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and hope you have a happy and prosperous New Year.

Solidarity is the key


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Mike Yarwood

Area Delivery Representation

Merseyside Amal.

Friday, 31 December 2010


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