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Together In The New Mail Centre


After what has been the most difficult year that any of us have faced since joining Royal Mail I would like to say welcome to our new friends from Crewe and Bolton.

For those that already know me the following couple of lines will probably bore you to death but for those that don't I would just like to introduce myself.

I have been the Area Processing Representative for the last three years in Merseyside Amalgamated Branch and have held various positions within the processing committee for the last 20 years. I have been a member of the CWU since 1987.

I am not going over the last twelve months because I believe we now need to move on and build up a strong relationship between the three amalgamated Mail Centres and help create a new and better working environment for all.

The new Mail Centre is not without its problems but the belief for the Processing Committee is if we can all unite together there is no reason why we cannot continue to be successful as this committee was in Liverpool. At the same time we will endeavour to take on the concerns of all the Crewe and Bolton people and ensure that they receive the full representation of this committee to the best of its abilities.

This year ahead will hopefully see a number of goals of which this committee sets itself each year:

•  The deployment of A/G's up to Fulltime.

•  The Maintaining of peoples take home pay.

•  No dismissals through conduct or attendance.

•  The remaining £600 payment and shorter working week.

•  A Mail Centre that is fair and just to all with no differentiating from grade.

•  Better rest facilities.

•  Improved working conditions.

All of the above are achievable and we will not rest until all are secured. The committee will also take on a number of other goals but the above are what we set ourselves as a minimum target.

We now have a full compliment of representatives on all shifts and as such we openly encourage all members to utilize them. THEY ARE FOR YOUR BENEFIT.

Also on the agenda for this Mail Centre is the introduction of World Class Mails. We as a committee can guarantee we will be getting involved with WCM as instructed by our National Union and we will also be committed to making sure that there is no detrimental effect to any of our members with the introduction of WCM.

IT WILL COME AS NO SURPRISE THAT WCM IS MANILY ABOUT SAVING MONEY FOR THE BUSINESS. We will commit ourselves to maintain our members level of take home pay and also guarantee our members future within the business. There will be an obvious element of savings we will have to commit to but we assure all it will be done only with our agreement and with the best interest of our members in mind.

To communicate is to educate and to educate is to grow the mind. With this mind and with the strength of the membership to which we represent I know the UNION within this new Mail Centre can only go from strength to strength.

There will be an AGM for the processing committee within the next month and we do apologise for the delay but we still await a ballot for a couple of union positions. The AGM will be held within Warrington as this is the central area for all (dates and times will follow shortly).

THE UNION ROOM PHONE NUMBER IS 01925 713701 (there is an answer phone service so please leave message and contact).

I could go on about the closure of our three Mail Centres but we have all lived and breathed it for far too long, so with this in mind lets get on with it and lets UNITE TOGETHER.


Paul Edwards

  CWU Merseyside Amalgamated Branch
Branch: 0151 709 1243
Fax: 0151 709 8269
Contact: Web Editor
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